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About Energise

Energise specialises in delivering cost efficient project consultancy within the energy sector.  We are collaborative in our approach, well connected across the industry, understand the requirements of operators, the supply chain, government and the public sector and have a proven track record for delivering excellent solution-driven results.

Dorothy Burke

The principal consultant at Energise, Dorothy Burke, has over 25 years working within the energy and technology sectors, most recently focussing on oil and gas decommissioning, developing and driving efficient and cost-effective projects.  Dorothy has worked internationally in technology strategy, project facilitation, technical workshops and industry reports with a range of operator and service companies, delivering tangible and sustainable competitive advantage for her clients. 


Energise delivers focused projects to a tight brief and budget, focussing on the client deliverables to ensure project results have real impact.We specialise in working collaboratively with clients, project stakeholders and industry specialists to deliver focused results, reflecting innovative thinking and approaches to technical and business challenges.


An experienced facilitator, Dorothy uses a range of tools and techniques to get the best from groups, small or large, technically focused or cross industry: equally at ease with senior oil industry executives, project engineers, small businesses and non-specialists.Every workshop is focused on the client outcomes, delivered in a professional manner, ensuring an engaging, enjoyable and productive experience for all and delivering focused results from the process.


Projects and Workshops are defined by their output: Energise consultants pride themselves on delivering professional reports, using infographics, relevant images and succinct language to ensure the project or workshop outcomes are delivered in a useful and concise document which exceeds client expectations.


With decommissioning expenditure in the North Sea set to increase from the estimated £1billion per annum, we work with operators and supply chain companies to define and deliver cost effective projects, maximising collaboration between project partners and ensuring efficient strategic and operational planning in the transition from late life through to decommissioning.

Case Studies

 Decom North Sea

Decom North Sea

Late Life Planning Portal

An innovative collaborative project on behalf of Decom North Sea, facilitated between senior decommissioning professionals from Marathon, BP, Shell, Wood Group, AMEC and Aker Solutions. The project team developed the idea and outline scope for a potential web-based  industry portal to address decommissioning activities from late life planning through to Cessation of Production: the intent being to provide guidance documents, tools and advice during the process of planning for decommissioning. This unique project harnessed project experience and expertise to facilitate the project team defining the framework for the portal.

 Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland

Oil & Gas Decommissioning and the Circular Economy

Two key projects were delivered for Zero Waste Scotland and Decom North Sea in collaboration with ABB and Jee  Ltd. These projects focused on two key areas of decommissioning – removal of  ‘topsides’ from oil and gas assets and removal of subsea concrete ‘mattresses’. Outputs identified innovative technologies, methodologies, areas of cost reduction and efficiency gains as well as re-use opportunities in line with Circular Economy principles, which focus on maximising long term asset value and sustainability. Reports are available on the Decom North Sea web site at

 Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise

Access to Oil & Gas Programme

Energise worked with twenty engineering and technology companies across Scotland providing 1-1 support to gain accreditation, develop knowledge, target sectoral approach and win contracts. Phase 1 culminated in a tailored ‘Trade Mission’ to Aberdeen which engaged programme companies with Wood Group, Aker Solutions, Technip, Subsea UK, FPAL and Petrofac. An ‘Introduction to Oil & Gas Guide' was then developed in Phase 2 to capture key elements of the programme.  This integrated with an online video featuring industry experts providing advice for companies looking to enter or develop further business in the sector.


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